Wireless Link Reliability Calculator

How to Work Out Your Wifi Link Reliability

Our aim is to help you calculate up-front the reliability of your point to point Wifi Link. So here is a cool tool that helps you decide what you need to do. It does most of the calculations you need to make apart from some of the considerations mentioned below. All you need to do is tell it the distance involved in your link and your estimate of the link quality. It then gives you some answers about the likely reliability of your proposed link and some signal calculations.

You can change the various inputs to see if you can achieve your objectives.

Enjoy the tool and don’t forget we are here to help you choose the right equipment so please contact us for further advice

Wireless Link Reliability Calculator

Required Link Distance Frequency Mhz
Link Quality Estimate (Fade Margin)


Link Point 1

Link Point 2

Wireless Cards
Transmit Power
RX Sensitivity (negative value) dBm dBm
Gain (could be negative value) dBi dBi
Calculated Results
Cable Losses (dB)
Actual Link Margin (dBm)
Predicted Rx Received Power (dBm)
Rx Power Required (dBm)
Ideal Rx Received Power (dBm)

Link Reliability

Link Losses (dB) Free Space Loss: Link Fade Margin:
Link Status: