Wifibooster gets brand new domain name and website

Wifibooster website has been upgraded to a brand new webiste. Here is the original Wifiboster website:

And here is our new website:

Wifibooster website is now using our new domain name: Wifibooster.eu. Our new website is using fresh and clean code. Our blog has also been all cleaned up and moved to the new domain name, you can now read our blog at this address: Blog.wifibooster.eu.

Website and blog are using full SSL for higher security. Since Wifibooster.es was previously targeting spanish market, Wifibooster.eu is now dedicated to whole european market. We’re working with Wifi Highpower company, for any of your Wifi / Network related need you can get in touch with them since they are offering up to date wide choice of products, from latest Ubiquiti Unifi gear to 10 GbE network stuff including 802.11 ac Alfa Network genuine Wifi cards, Unifi Protect systems, high quality custom made Cat6 cables, SFP+ transceivers and much more. Check it out here: Wifi-highpower.co.uk.