Wifibooster becomes a Wifi Highpower website

Wifi highpower logo

Wifibooster.es joined the Wifi-highpower.com company

The Wifibooster company and the Wifibooster.es website are now part of the Wifi Highpower company.

Wifibooster.es will be the main website for selling Wifi products in Spain

The Wifi Highpower company is based in France, it was created in 2012 by a computer engineer and a Wifi enthusiast. Since then, it has growed and it is now the official Authorized Alfa Network reseller for France. Wifi Highpower is also a reseller for the Sunhans Wifi boosters and the Loopcomm Wifi cards, amongst other brands and networking related products. The Wifibooster.es website will be the showcase for our Wifi products, which will be sold in the spanish market. We will offer special shipping prices, and we will work on adding new content to the blog and new products to the eshop especially for our spanish customers. We will also work on translating both the shop and blog in spanish, to be more friendly with our spanish visitors.

Here at Wifibooster / Wifi Highpower we are very glad to start a new adventure with this Wifi website in Spain, see you soon!