Wifi Connection Problems Solved

We created this blog to help people with wifi connection problems. We want you to make the right choices when you plan WIFI projects and how to choose the equipment to buy. There are many products out there with a bewildering set of names, functions and specifications all of which can mystify non-technical people at the outset.

Our aim is to provide a guide to the whole subject of WIFI and Mobile networking for non-experts. To help people solve Wifi Connection Problems with weak signals in their homes, offices or outside. The same applies to mobile signal repeaters where poor mobile telephone signals are experienced in and around your home.

Wifi Connection Problems Solved

Wifi Connection Problems Solved

We will continue to provide articles and posts on this blog to simplify the terms and concepts involved in this subject. By doing this we think you will gain a clearer understanding of how to fix your wireless or wifi connection problems yourself. You will be able to get your personal wifi projects up and running with the minimum fuss.

Wifi Connection Problems

Solve your own wifi connection problems. Create your own Wifi access point (AP) for the garden, pool or terrace. Make your own point-to-point Wifi link and bring the Internet to remote outbuildings or even further to local villages etc. We will explain how to do all these things in this blog. We also advise our customers through our online store including live chat.

We Will Help You with Wifi Connection Problems

Our online store has a detailed catalogue of wireless and mobile repeater products along with first class on and offline support and this is often the first point of call when considering your purchase . But to seek clarification and more advice and “how to tips” visit this blog. We continue to provide tips about wireless networks, devices, signal calculating tools and project planning all here in this blog.

Of course we run a business but our aim is to help you solve your wifi and mobile network booster issues by knowing we are the people to go to with a reputation for delivering sound advice, great products, accessible support and great prices.

Please feel free to ask any questions about wifi connection problems or make suggestions about our blog content.

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