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We have compiled a series of pages and posts on relevant wireless topics and in addition given you a selection of free tools you may use to solve your particular wireless connection problems. We regularly post new topics on demand so please subscribe to our blog and request information you would like to see explained here.

We generally Cover The following Topics

  • How wifi antennas and wireless networks work
  • How to create a wireless access point
  • How to configure a wireless signal booster, wireless router and USB wifi adapter
  • How to select the right wifi antennas for indoor and outdoor use
  • How to extend wireless access to your your garden, pool, terrace or outbuildings
  • Interpreting APs, CPEs, router, antennas and adapter device specifications
  • How to set up a wireless point to point link and bring the Internet to remote locations
  • How to use our free wireless signal calculating tools for your wifi router and wifi antennas connections
  • Wifi project planning using wifi link budget calculations for wifi router wifi antennas gain
  • How to use wifi in marine applications – creating a USB wifi network on your boat
  • Fundamentals of radio waves and signal propagation
  • What causes weak Wifi signals and what to do about wifi connection problems in your wireless network