High Gain Grid Antenna – Wifi Booster

High Gain Grid Antenna special. In a bit of summer madness we are offering for our site visitors a really great deal on a popular high gain rugged antenna.

This High Gain Grid Antenna is a perfect for setting up a long range point to point Wifi link.

24 dBi Wifi Antenna

This Wifi 24dBi square grid parabolic antenna for the 2.4GHz band, is designed for the spread spectrum system. The surface structure of this welded-steel reflector is optimised for the best performance.

High Gain Grid Antenna Features

Used for outdoors and long range point to point applications.

  • The connector type is N female
  • High Gain (24 dBi) Antenna
  • Long coverage
  • Light weight
  • Compact structure
  • Excellent wind resistance

Antenna Applications

This rugged constructed Antenna comes with a mounting kit for pole mounting. It’s design offers low wind resistance avoiding signal disruption but is still a light weight antenna. These Antennas have been used for links of 50 km and combined with the right transceivers can produce incredible results. The Antenna includes a 6o cm low loss cable tail with an N type female connector. We also sell fixed lengths of special low loss cables to use with this antenna. Many clients have had great results with this Antenna.

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Limited Time Offer

High Gain Grid Antenna for point to point wifi links

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