How can I boost Wifi in my Garden Terrace or Pool

Do you want to boost Wifi in your Garden? How many times do you find that your house wireless router just can’t reach the garden, terrace or pool. You want to be able to sit in a shady spot and contact your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You want to use your tablet, laptop or mobile with a Wifi connection to the Internet. You want to skype or chat with your friends. Instead your connection is slow, breaks down or it’s just not there!

  • You want full speed Internet anywhere in your selected outside space
  • You want the fastest speeds available
  • You want wide coverage even if your back garden is a field
  • You want something thats easy to install yourself
  • You want a weather proof Garden Wifi Booster that’s reliable
  • You want a bargain price for all these features

Well now you can have it all with our new Compact Sector Integrated Antenna Wireless Access Point.

Designed for Gardens, Terraces and Pool areas

Garden Wifi Booster

Many people ask “How can I boost Wifi in my Garden Terrace or Pool”. Well this compact weather proof Garden Wifi Booster has a built in wide sector antenna offering a wide ground footprint to cover as much of the available space as possible. It includes a powerful transmitter radio offering 811.2n connection speeds and an extensible range for larger areas. Even if you have a large field for a garden this wifi booster will provide the coverage you need.

The Garden Wifi Booster comes as a complete kit

The device comes as a complete kit and can be wall or pole mounted. It includes 20 meters of Cat 6 connection cable, a POE power injector with power supply and a tilting bracket to set the built-in-antenna in the optimal position.

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How to position the Garden Wifi Booster in your home – Wall mounting

Garden Wifi Booster Beam

To find out where to mount the device use our Vertical Tilt Angle Calculator. We have made the calculation easy for you just enter the following values into the calculator to get the results you want for your installation. See the diagram and enter the information for your area.

  • Length of antenna footprint to end of useable area (L)
  • Height at which you wish to mount the Garden Wifi Booster (H)
  • The Antenna vertical footprint angle (A = 60 degrees)

As an example we have chosen (L) as 40 and (H) as 3 and the vertical beam width set to the correct value of (60) for our wifi booster device. In our case we have chosen units of meters. Note the length units don’t matter as long as you use the same in both cases. The calculator says we should set the Tilt angle (T) to 34 degrees and that your antenna footprint will stretch from the end of our target area to within one meter of the mounting wall.

Vertical tilt calculator for mounting Sector Antenna

Vertical tilt calculator for mounting Sector Antenna

Antenna Tilt Angle Protractor

We have included an accurate Antenna Tilt Angle Protractor image below that you can download or print to create a template cut-out using card board to your desired tilt angle. Just cut an angular segment from the card board to hold against your wall to tilt the antenna the correct angle.

Antenna Tilt Angle Protractor

Antenna Tilt Angle Protractor

How to position the Booster for horizontal area

To position the Garden Wifi Booster to cover the most area from side to side of your chosen area mount the device in a central position with equal space either side of a imaginary centre line drawn down the middle of the the target area. The device can provide useful signal levels spread out in a large horizontal footprint (over 80 degree) for signal reception form side to side. The Garden Wifi Booster can be swivelled side to side if your outside space does not project straight out from the mounting wall. In this case just turn it slightly and measure with a mobile phone the strength of the wifi signal at the side of your target area until the signal is at its strongest.

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