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  • Wifi in Marine Applications

    Wifi in Marine Applications

    It is interesting to note from our own customer base how many clients are using our products in marine applications. We have consulted in a number of cases in providing the right kind of products and application advice for the..

  • Using Mobile Signal Repeaters

    Using Mobile Signal Repeaters

    We are really pleased with our range of new mobile repeaters. For over a year we have negotiated with and sought quality suppliers for these high specification products. We are addressing a pretty common need for mobile signal boosters where..

  • What Causes Weak Wifi Signals

    What Causes Weak Wifi Signals

    Wifi Signals Loose Their Power quite naturally as you move further away from the antenna generating the signal. But in addition to this, it can be expected that walls and other obstacles will absorb some signal energy and the nature..

  • Extending Wifi in your Home

    Extending Wifi in your Home

    What do you need to Extend your Wifi Network Most modern routers are wireless routers making it easy for wifi equipped pc’c, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to easily connect to the Internet wirelessly at home and elsewhere. It is..

  • How Do Wifi Antennas Work

    How Do Wifi Antennas Work

    Wifi Antennas are essential for propagating Wifi signals but what are they and how do the work From every day experience we are familiar with antennas for televisions and radios. There seems to be a huge variety of shapes and..

  • What are Radio Waves

    What are Radio Waves

    We Ask what are radio waves? Radio waves are fundamental to our understanding of Wifi as we use Wifi Antennas to propagate and receive them. It is through this phenomenon of Electro-magnetics radiation that we communicate wirelessly and invisibly to..

  • Electricity the Basics

    Electricity the Basics

    Some Fundamental Ideas about Electricity When we started this blog we wanted to provide our visitors some basic understanding of concepts we use in the world of Wifi. So what better than to go over some groundwork regarding the very..