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  • About This Wifi Blog

    About This Wifi Blog

    This Blog is Designed to Help You Find Wifi Booster Advice We have compiled a series of pages and posts on relevant wireless topics and in addition given you a selection of free tools you may use to solve your..

  • What is a Wireless Router

    What is a Wireless Router

    The job of a router for home use can be broken down into a set of functions which include – separating your private local network (LAN) from the public Internet (WAN) – providing a shared access gateway IP address to..

  • Choosing The Right Wifi Antenna

    Choosing The Right Wifi Antenna

    We use Antennas to focus radio waves to transfer the maximum signal energy in the radio wave to the receiving antennas. Radio waves pass through the air as electromagnetic energy. They consist of two field components radiating as a travelling..

  • What Does Wireless 802.11 Mean

    What Does Wireless 802.11 Mean

    The 802.11 standards employs a series of over-the-air modulation techniques using the same basic protocol. The most common standards are referred to as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and the newest, 802.11ac. The spectrum available for 802.11 networking varies by country..

  • How to Choose Wireless N Routers

    How to Choose Wireless N Routers

    Nowadays virtually all new routers support the 802.11n wifi standard (Wireless N) which we hear about as offering greater speed and reach than the older 802.11g (Wireless G) standard. In general this is true given that when all the connected..

  • Wifi Connection Problems Solved

    Wifi Connection Problems Solved

    We created this blog to help people with wifi connection problems. We want you to make the right choices when you plan WIFI projects and how to choose the equipment to buy. There are many products out there with a..